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Non-Immigrant (Temporary Stay) Visas

B-1 (Visitor for Business)

This visa is best suited for business purposes, medical treatment, meetings, seminars, and investors seeking prospective opportunities.

B-2 (Visitor for Pleasure)

This is used to visit family members, friends, sightseeing, and vacation.

E-2 (Treaty Investor)

It is for the investor, executive, essential employee, multifaceted and less explored. This visa a boon for entrepreneurs who are in control of their funds at all stages.

F-1 (Student Visa)

It is applied for after obtaining an I-20 from a school in the US.

H-1B (Specialty Occupation Worker)

It is a visa usually sought for occupations like Doctors, I.T. Professionals, Engineers, and C.P.A's.

L-1 (Intra Company Transferee)

Intra company transferee is for executives, managers, and people of specialized knowledge. This visa is wherein an employee's services are transferred from a business entity outside the US to a related entity in the US.

R-1 (Religious Worker)

Visa is reserved for those individuals who have acquired special religious knowledge and are well conversant with its practices.

Immigrant (Permanent) Visas in the Employment-Based Category

  • Extraordinary ability

    1. Intra company transferee (executive/manager)
    2. Advanced Degree
    3. India - 06/15/2008 Pakistan- Current
  • Exceptional Ability

    1. Skilled Worker
      1. India - 09/22/2003 Pakistan- 07/01/2010
    2. Unskilled Worker
      1. India - 09/22/2003 Pakistan- 07/01/2010
  • Religious Worker

  • Employment/ Job Creation


Immigrant (Permanent) Visas in the Family-Based Category‎

  • Immediate relatives include parents, spouses, and unmarried children under 21

  • Spouses and children of permanent residents (green card holders)

  • The latest category continues to be current under the September 2013 visa bulletin

    1. Unmarried sons and daughters of permanent residents (green card holders)
    2. Married adult children of US citizens
    3. Brothers and sisters of US citizens

Other Services

Consular Services - Nonimmigrant

DS-160 applications for all nonimmigrant visas include but are not limited to B-1, B-2, F-1/F-2, H-1B/H-4, E-2, L-1/L2, and R-1.

Consular Services - Immigrant

DS-230 and I-864 applications filed with the US Embassies enable foreign nationals to apply and obtain their immigrant visas at a US Embassy or US Consulate worldwide.

Matters with Department of State

Child Status Protection Act wherein children (now 21 years old) are covered under any immigrant petition filed for their parents.


Violence Against Women Act gives a green card to battered spouses of US citizens.


  • Hardship to US citizen or LPR parents and spouse

  • Communicable disease

  • Crime (misdemeanor)

  • Domestic violence

  • Previous deportation

  • Humanitarian grounds

Re-entry Permit

A re-entry permit allows permanent residents to return to the US within two years but does not reserve the time spent outside the U.S. for citizenship purposes.

Travel Document

This allows an applicant for adjustment of status to travel outside the US and then be paroled in when seeking entry into the US.

Work Authorization

We are granting work authorization to a nonimmigrant based on various categories.

  • Student

  • Spouse of E-2

  • Spouse of L-1

  • Waiting for a green card to be approved